Singing without borders

There’s no better way than singing for people who’ve been living here for years and those who have only recently come to Herne to get to know each other and maybe at the same time learn the German language. And if we can sing together, we can also live together!

In close cooperation with AWO subdistrict Ruhr-Mitte, the initiative has started a new project. From 4 October there will be a new multicultural choir in Herne for all generations and here integration will be a reality.

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Your basement’s full, your cupboards too. You don’t like going to concerts alone. You’ve always wanted to try Syrian food. Your sports club needs young basketball players: Just look through our pages- you’re sure to find what you want! is a platform that intends to bring together what belongs together. Here refugees can place their requests and people in Herne have the opportunity to see who needs what and where. Or vice versa: you’re looking for something – there may be new residents who can help!

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About us

So many people want to help refugees. They make donations and are really dedicated.

But sometimes we don’t get things quite right because we don’t really know what refugees need. How can we bring together those who want to help with the refugees who have wishes and needs without having to go through the complexity of the many charitable organisations? That’s why we started We’re a group of volunteers, representatives of welfare organisations and refugees. We all use our own special experience – with the aim of bringing together what can belong together.

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Get together what belongs together!


Although our platform’s getting bigger, there’s still a lot of work to do. It would be great if you could support